united way of america _

When a highly publicized controversy threatened its credibility, the United Way of America turned to us to reposition the cause and restore confidence in its supporters. We created a themeline that would define the charity for years to come, together with national and regional print and broadcast campaigns that resulted in record-setting donations from individuals and corporations over a four-year period.


“In our hands”


In our hands
in the grasp
of each and every one of us
rests the ability.

To lift
those who have fallen.
To comfort
those who are troubled.
To guide
those who could be lost.

It is the greatest power we hold.
And there is no greater way
to make it felt
than through your United Way.

A team of local volunteers
and non-profit organizations
working harder than ever
to ensure your generosity
makes a lasting impact.

In the lives
of the needy.
And in the hopes
of your entire community.

Please support
your United Way.

Reaching those who need help. Touching us all.


“To reach"


To reach out
to one individual
is to embrace
all humanity.

To open the eyes
of one child
is to broaden the possibilities
of every generation.

To lift the burden
of one family
is to raise the hopes
of an entire community.

It is the compassion
that lives within each of us.
It is the spirit
that unites us all.

The very spirit
that has the dedicated volunteers
and non-profit organizations
of your United Way
working harder than ever.

To help those who need help
in your community.
To make all the difference
in the world.

Please support
your United Way.
Reaching those who need help.
Touching us all.