perot for president _

This commercial from Ross Perot's 1992 Presidential campaign significantly outscored all other messages in the race, according to a Harris Poll, and became a topic of national discussion. It's one of nine commercials we conceived in the 33 days leading up to the election. Perot captured 19 million votes and was named Advertising Age's Adman of the Year. As the Today Show commented, "If this election were only about advertising, Ross Perot would have won in a landslide."


“The storm”


The national debt.

It is a massive storm that
is clouding America’s future,
an ill wind that is
destroying jobs.

It is a debt so enormous
that it will take one-third
of the Federal income tax
collected this year
just to pay the interest.

$199 billion in interest
that could be used
to create jobs,
but will only be lost
in the storm.

When will it end?

When we choose a candidate
who understands that
deficit spending is an
irresponsible act of government,
not an uncontrollable act
of nature.

A proven business leader
who will work with the
free enterprise system
rather than play politics.

The candidate is Ross Perot.

The issue is our national debt.

The choice is yours.