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When a merger of two long-standing and trusted financial brands created the third-largest bank in the US, it was essential that its expanded capabilities were communicated in the context of current and future customers’ needs. Our introductory film and the two-year commercial campaign that followed presented the full premise and promise of NationsBank with human connection and personal relevance - demonstrating how the bank’s deep resources and local commitment created the power to turn each of the 1,900 communities it served into a major financial center.



Smack dab in the middle of Tennessee
is a city that strikes a chord in people
the world over.
Where each day begins on a good note.
And every night is filled with rising stars.
And though it’s known as Music City, the flip side
is that Nashville is also a major financial center.
Because it’s served by NationsBank.
Enabling Opryland USA to work in concert with
the nation’s largest treasury management group.
Giving the Williams a way to pay for college
while saving on taxes.
And providing the breadth of services to keep
everyone in tune with the latest financial
Which is the kind of performance that satisfies
even the toughest customers.
In Nashville.
And in 1,900 other communities
throughout our nation.



It’s where the careers of Naval officers
are launched. And where pleasure boaters
come to cast away from it all.

But along with staying on the latest wave
of nautical life, the city of Annapolis, Maryland
is also a major financial center.

Because it’s one of the communities
served by NationsBank.
Which enables businesses such as
Coastal Properties to call on a depth of
experience in financing.
Offers families like the Overstreets everything
from equity loans to mutual funds.
And gives people in all walks of life a bank that
puts greater financial power at their command.
In Annapolis.
And in 1,900 other communities
throughout our nation.