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Tasked with repositioning and recharging a brand no longer seen as active and contemporary, our approach was to move the clock and the attention of the audiences to this very moment. Here is one radio commercial that was part of a national campaign that established Mutual of Omaha as “the official sponsor of the ‘aha’ moment.”


“More than
a moment”


Each one of them, technically speaking, is
identical. All 1,440 that comprise a day. The more
than 525,000 that create a year.

But every once in a wondrous while, something
magical happens. And these sixty-second
increments we define as minutes suddenly
become something much more: a true, defining
moment in our lives.

The “aha” moment.

That incredible instant when time suddenly
stops… a perspective is transformed… and your
thoughts and priorities are changed from that
second forward.

It’s also the perfect moment to turn to the people
and products of Mutual of Omaha.

For 100 years, we’ve made it our job to help clients
grasp “aha” moments for all they’re worth. From
adding financial security through annuities and
mutual funds, to protecting your family’s future
with a full range of insurance options.

After all, helping you respond to life’s most
defining moments is not simply what we do.
It’s what we live for.

Mutual of Omaha.

The official sponsor of the “aha” moment