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Since 2014, we have created commercials, films, photography, event content and presentations in support of many of the projects that comprise ExxonMobil’s $20 billion Growing The Gulf Initiative. Included in these efforts was the plant grand opening film below.


“Energy has
a face”


Energy has a face.
And it looks a lot like each of us.
In all areas of our community.
In every aspect of our lives.

Energy has an address.
And it’s where we live. Where we work. Wherever we
need the power to keep advancing human progress,
and the products to keep improving the world’s
quality of life.

Energy has a story.
And it’s a story that has long been driven by
Baytown and Mont Belvieu. Only now, our area is
playing an even bigger role than ever before.

Today, our ability to supply the world’s demand for
petrochemicals increases significantly with the
grand opening of the North American Growth

The new ethane cracker at ExxonMobil’s Baytown
complex, together with the new polyethylene plant
in Mont Belvieu, comprise a project expected to
increase regional economic activity by
approximately $870 million per year and generate
more than $90 million per year in additional tax
revenues for our local communities.

And it’s all part of ExxonMobil’s Growing the Gulf
initiative, which includes 11 planned major projects
along the U.S. Gulf Coast that are expected to
generate more than 45,000 high-paying jobs and
bring $20 billion in increased economic activity for
Texas and Louisiana.

Energy has a responsibility.
To help fuel economic and social progress, while
also increasing efficiency and reducing
environmental impacts. The North American
Growth Project builds upon ExxonMobil’s capacity
to meet this challenge and deliver affordable,
sustainable products.

But just as important is the fact that these plants
feature leading-edge technology for reducing
greenhouse gas, limiting environmental noise and
enabling cleaner, more efficient operations.

Energy has a future.
And it’s a future created in part by America’s shale
revolution. With new technologies and techniques
making it possible to unlock vast new supplies of oil
and natural gas from shale.

It’s transformed Texas into the No. 1 exporter in the
US. And it’s given our nation unprecedented
manufacturing advantages, economic growth and
energy stability.

Which is why this grand opening of the North
American Growth Project is such an essential
chapter in one of America’s most remarkable growth
stories. A story that will only keep building in scope
and impact.

Boosting the strength of our regional economy.
Expanding our nation’s economic development.
And lifting the lifestyles and possibilities for people
throughout our community,
our state,
and our world.

Energy lives here.