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One of the oldest continually operating companies in the United States saw that it had an image problem. While the world was quite familiar with the brand name of Bausch + Lomb, both internal and external stakeholders were no longer clear on the focus and advantages of the business. Our vision was to inspire investors and audiences with deep, personal emotion that leveraged the wonder of eyesight while providing a clear picture of the innovation that continues to differentiate the brand. What began as a corporate film soon became a mantra for the global organization, serving as the strategic centerpiece of a full communications campaign spanning more than 30 countries.


“Two little

Each morning, one simple action
always comes first.
We open two little windows
and we start to take in a new day.
Granted, this happens in a variety of methods.
And at a full range of speeds.
But through these two little windows
that we call our eyes, everything begins.
The way we view what surrounds us.
How we see ourselves.
The goals we have in sight.
14 billion of these little windows in all,
watching over our world.
And somewhere behind them all, a realization.
An understanding of how each new day
becomes more vivid, each life more complete
with the precious gift of sight.
For many, a fact rarely recognized, maybe even
completely overlooked. But for us, it could not be
more visible.
We’re Bausch and Lomb.
Thousands of individuals in over 40 countries
who begin our mornings much like anyone else.
Except when we approach our day, when we start
looking through our own little windows, we see
one thing very differently,
Because we know we’re a company solely focused
on the care of the world’s eyes.
Will this be the day when one of us unlocks a way
to eliminate visual impairment in newborns?
Or strikes upon a treatment that actually helps
the eye heal itself?
To us, these are not some distant hopes. They are
the daily questions that only add new urgency to
all we do and everything we see for the future.
Bausch and Lomb.
One company solely focused on advancing
the vision and care of the two most important
little windows in this world: your eyes.